Chromebook Purchase


Students from the 2020 Sec 1 cohort will be using a chromebook for the 1:1 Learning Programme. The recommended specifications of the chromebook device is listed below:

  1. Display Screen: High resolution with minimum size of 11.6”
  2. Weight: 1.5 kg or less
  3. Battery: Last a minimum of 8 hours with active usage
  4. Processor: Branded processor clocking at minimum speed of 1.6 GHz dualcore
  5. Memory: Minimum 2GB RAM
  6. Storage: Minimum 16GB
  7. Connectivity: Minimum built-in dual band Wi-Fi 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n with Bluetooth® 4.0 compatibility
  8. Camera: Minimum VGA
  9. Ports: Minimum 1x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0
  10. Warranty: Minimum 3 years
  11. Support Android apps and Google Play Store

In addition, parents are strongly encouraged to purchase insurance to cover accidental damage to the chromebook device. It will also be good to purchase devices that are robust in build, and have some form of resistance to physical and water damage.

Parents are free to purchase the chromebook via any sources, e.g. through local or online retailers etc. For the sake of convenience for parents, the school has openly invited major electronics retailers and established vendors to provide chromebooks for sale. Four vendors have responded and their contact details are listed in the table below. The vendors will also be setting up booths in the Primary School canteen on 3 Jan 2020 (Friday) during the CCA Open House to take orders and answer queries.


2020 Chromebook Vendors

Parents should not feel compelled to purchase their chromebooks from these vendors. They should compare prices and specifications with online retailers or other vendors before committing to the purchase.

Parents are kindly advised to make their purchase of the chromebook before 17 Jan 2020. This will help ensure sufficient lead time for the delivery of the chromebook and the commencement of the 1:1 programme from Term 2 Week 1 (25 March 2020) onwards.


All the students' chromebooks are to be installed with the

  1. Chrome Device Management (CDM) License and
  2. Chromebook Management software, e.g. GoGuardian.

The CDM license will allow the school to manage and monitor the students' usage of the device. The management software is a security app that will further keep the students safe and minimise harmful internet content and distraction. The school has called an Invitation to Quote for the purchase of the license and software in Dec 2019. The cost of license and software is listed below:

Both license and software should cost about S$62. We will update the exact costing once the ITQ has been evaluated and awarded.

Payment for both the CDM License and management software will be processed through the student's miscellaneous fee.

The license enrolment and software installation will commence from 9 March 2020 (TBC). Students are to bring their chromebooks down to the IT centre for the enrolment and installation. Do note that the CDM license is perpetual and covers the life of the chromebook device. The license can be transferred to another device of the same model. However, it is not transferable from one device model to another. Thus, students might need to purchase an additional license if they change their chromebook to a different model within the four years they are in ACS (Barker Road).


More information on the 1:1 Learning Programme can found on the 1:1 Learning Website.

FAQs can be found here. If there are further questions, please submit your questions (if any) in the form below.