ICT Induction

Dear Parents/Guardians of Sec 1 students

Greetings. As briefed during the MTP session on 3 Jan, all Sec 1 students are to attend a compulsory ICT induction session. Purpose of the session is to introduce them to the use of the school Gmail account, and to administer online individual strengths profiling/surveys for the students. The induction will be conducted after school from 2:45 to 3:45 pm at the Computer Lab (Academic Block Level 3). Please refer to the schedule listed below for the stipulated dates/timing for each Sec 1 class.

As far as possible, students are to keep to the stipulated date/timing for the ICT induction. In the event that students are unable to attend any stipulated session (due to Academic Coaching, CCA or whatever reason), they can join any session that are planned for other classes. Students should bring their students' handbook and a pen for the induction. They do NOT need to bring their own computing devices. School laptops will be provided for the induction. Students from 1M do not need to stay back as their induction will be conducted during their CPA lessons.

Please email Mr Toh Hun Khim at toh_hun_khim@acsbr.moe.edu.sg for any clarifications. Thank you.