Dear Parents/Guardians/Sec 1 students,

Thank you for your patience. The last batch of chromebooks from the school-sourced vendors had been issued to the students on 3rd and 4th June.

Collection of Purchased Chromebooks from school-sourced vendors

For students who have ordered available chromebook models from GSA Education Pte Ltd or Harvey Norman but have yet to collect them, they can approach the IT specialists at the IT department (below Tennis Courts).

Software Installation

For students who have yet to install the necessary software on their chromebooks (e.g. those who did self-collection or only collected in school on 3rd and 4th June or self-purchased), they can bring their chromebooks to the school for software installation on 5th June (Friday) or from 15th June (Mon) to 17th June (Wed). This process entails installing the school Wifi certificates and configuring the chromebook for school use. To facilitate smooth operations and shorter waiting times, students should bring their chromebooks to the school's IT department (below Tennis Courts) at the start of the day (from 720 am to 740 am) or during recess (11 am to 1130 am). They can then collect their school-configured chromebooks at the end of the school day from 230 pm to 4 pm.

Please note that the chromebook will be wiped during the software installation. All account information and data previously stored on the device that isn’t synced, such as photos, downloaded files and saved networks, will be deleted during the wipe process. Students are advised to make backups of these files if required. Students can only sign in to their chromebooks via the school gmail account after the installation.

Note: Only school configured chromebooks are allowed for use in school. Students are also advised not to factory-reset their chromebooks. The process will remove the school Wifi certificates and remove school internet access from their chromebooks. They should approach the specialists at the IT department if they faced any issues.


The school will commence 1:1 Learning in T3W5. Prior to that, there is no need to bring your chromebook to school. More details will be provided at a later date.

Please refer to the following url for a list of frequently answered questions: https://s1registration.acsbr.org/11-learning/chromebook-faq

Feel free to email Mr Toh Hun Khim, Head of Department / Learning Technologies at toh_hun_khim@acsbr.moe.edu.sg for any queries.