Uniform Requirements


Please note the following for required attire and appearance for all our Lower Secondary students:


  • The badge is to be pinned 2 finger widths above the shirt pocket.
  • The badge is to be centred over the pocket.
  • The badge is to hang straight at all times.
  • School shirt to be neatly tucked in at all times.
  • The sleeves of the school shirt cannot be folded up. If they are too long, appropriate alteration can be done.
  • Only school-approved jacket/windcheater may be worn.
  • The ACS(BR) bermudas is to be worn.
  • The bermudas should be snug-fitting, such that the waistline of the bermudas is no more than 2 finger widths below the navel.
  • Shoes should be mostly white with white shoelaces. For any coloured parts, only non-striking colours are allowed.
  • Only socks bearing ‘ACS(BR)’ may be worn.
  • Socks are to be pulled up properly to their entire lengths and they are to cover the ankles fully.

Personal Grooming

  • Beards and moustaches are strictly not allowed.
  • Hair is to be short and neatly combed.
  • Sides and back of hair is to be sloped and not touch the ears and collar.
  • Fringe should not cross the eyebrows when pulled down.
  • The sideburns should be kept short.
  • Use of gel/wax for ‘spiking’ of hair is strictly not allowed.
  • Extreme hairstyles (include and are not limited to, Under-cut, V-shaped back, Mohawk, Skinhead, Pompadour hairstyles and lines cut into hair) and use of hair colouring are not allowed.


  • Spectacles, if worn, are to be of a basic and functional purpose.
  • Recommended frame colours are black, dark blue, brown, gold or silver.
  • Coloured contact lenses are not to be worn.


  • Piercings of ears and wearing of any accessories on the ears is not permitted.
  • Piercing of and wearing of accessories around the facial regions is not permitted.


  • Recommended colours for watches are black or silver.
  • Wearing of any other accessories on the wrist or fingers is not allowed.

Compulsory Items


  1. School shirt
  2. School bermudas
  3. School tie
  4. School badge
  5. School or House PE T-shirt / tank-top
  6. School PE shorts
  7. ACS(BR) Socks

Optional Items

  • School windcheater

*Note that the school varsity jacket is not sold by Bibi&Baba and the school bookshop. Orders would be taken on a once-a-year basis by the student leaders, for students who wish to own the school varsity jacket. The school varsity jacket is an optional item and is for students to iron-on the badges that would be given by the school for completion of their milestone level programmes and the CCA badge(s) that students can purchase.

Should you require any clarification, you may contact the HoD Student Development at Tel: 62561633.